Grouse Trial Dogs

      We offer one of the finest training programs available for the cover dog and walking trial circuits.  We train and handle dogs from puppy age to the finished performer that can win in the toughest championship competition.  We believe our record of winners speaks for itself.

     We are located in central Michigan in the heart of some of the finest grouse and woodcock country anywhere.  I belong to a private club which connects to the famous Gladwin Game Refuge that is about 27 square miles of prime grouse and woodcock habitat.  We also make trips to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan to train on the prairies on sharptail grouse and southern Alabama in the winter to train on quail and woodcock.

     Our rates are $400 per month plus entry fees and expenses.

Gun Dogs

     Occasionally we will take a gun dog in for training.  We key the training of gun dogs to the particular requests and requirements of the hunter $600 per month.